I’m sure that many of you will remember having hours of fun with paper dolls when you were children. Here are some great printables that you can use to make your own paper dolls with your children. Just click on the picture to get a printable version of the picture, print the dolls and their clothes onto paper, and you’re away!

They’ll work best if you can use some stiff paper but you could also just print them onto ordinary paper and then glue the paper onto some card. We’ve left the clothes blank so that your children can have fun decorating them but we’d love to see some of the dolls you make! You can add photos to the comments at the bottom of the page.



Dress up girl paper doll

Paper doll girl clothes

Dress Up Doll Boy FINAL

Dress Up Doll Boy Accesories FINAL

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This is a great idea! If your child would like a large doll to play with the Notalie doll is a superb gift for Christmas.

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