Multiples NZ is a not-for-profit organisation which supports families with ‘multiples’, be they twins, triplets, quads or more! The association acts as an overarching support for individual multiple birth clubs and support groups throughout the country.

Who is Multiples NZ?

Multiples NZ is the national body that represents 14 (plus Triplets Plus) local Multiples Clubs, consisting of over 1,500 families throughout New Zealand. We aim to provide education, support and advocacy to all of these families, by providing guidance and resources to their local multiple birth clubs, and via this website.

If you’re expecting, or raising multiples, Multiples NZ can help you! Their mission is to address the special and unique needs of families experiencing a multiple birth, by providing information and support to multiple birth clubs and members.

What does Multiples NZ do?

Multiples NZ can put you in touch with a Multiples Support Group in your area, or help you start one if there is none already established. They provide useful information and resources for parents of multiples, and help link families to relevant organisations and professionals within the community.

Your local Multiples Club can help you access community support, and provide you with a support network of parents who ‘know what you’re going through’. Exactly what services each support group offers will vary from area to area, but essentially they’re a group of parents all in the same boat, and can understand the challenges, frustrations and joys of raising twins, triplets or more!

There are often activities like coffee mornings, group outings, and guest speakers. Some groups may organise workshops about the specific challenges faced by parents of multiples, and as your children grow, they have the opportunity of developing their own networks with other multiples.

How is it funded?

Multiples NZ is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on members’ levies, donations and sponsorship to operate. Individual Multiples Clubs are also not-for-profit and survive largely through the fundraising efforts of members.

How can I get their help?

Your midwife or maternity hospital should be able to provide you with details of a Multiples Group in your area, and a list of groups is also available on the Multiples NZ website. If there isn’t a group in your area, Multiples NZ can help you set one up. You can contact them through their website or phone 0800 4 TWINS.

The Multiples NZ website also has links to other useful websites, and various news articles related to multiple births. And it has a great resources page with reviews of books and details of where you can purchase them from, as well as a list of books and videos available from the association.

How much does it cost?

Each Multiples Club will have their own subscription or levy to join, and they may charge a small amount for each activity to cover basic costs. Each club has been established by parents of multiples, so rest assured they’re there to support you, and any costs will be minimal.

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