The noughts and crosses game is such a great game for kids, and all ages can play it. It’s one of those games that just never gets old. This large craft version is very tactile for little hands, and just makes the game more fun!

With the school holidays just around the corner I thought a little project that gives an excuse to get the kids out of the house and exploring before they craft would be a great idea.

My kids and I spent the morning down at our local river collecting stones. My eldest who is 7 spent a great deal of the time trying to crack the stones open searching for quartz crystals. It was a great outing!

To make the board for this game you can either purchase an artist board, from most crafting stores, or a cheaper option is to buy some plywood from a hardware store and cut it to the size you need. I went for the artist board, as I had one lying around.

The colours I chose are from a past Upcycled rainbow dressing table I made for my daughter. But testposts in any colour will work fine to make the this noughts and crosses gameboard.

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe or Noughts and Crosses

You will need
10 medium sized stones
Plywood art board (you can get them from Warehouse Stationary)
Resene testpots in Chaos, Half Turbo, Chilean Fire, Snap and Irresistible
Paint brush
Washi tape

What to do
1. Using Irresistible paint your board with 2 coats making sure you allow each coat to dry in between.

Knots and Crosses Outdoor Game Resene Irresistible

2. While you wait for the coats to dry paint 5 stones in Snap and 5 in Half Turbo. These will need at least two coats, or go for three to really make the colour pop. You could also give your stones a coat of white primer first. That way your colours will be brighter.

Knots and Crosses Outdoor Game stones

3. When your stones are dry use Washi tape to tape off an x shape to make the crosses. I did this by doing one line of an x at a time. If your kids are doing this they will just want to paint the x on without taping the lines. Once you have your first line taped up, paint your x in Chaos.

Let the first line dry, then tape off your second line, and paint that on. Paint two coats on each.

Knots and Crosses Outdoor Game Resene Chaos

4. To make the noughts you can just free hand a circle or place your Washi tape onto the stone and paint inside the circle. Again, paint on two coats.

Noughts and Crosses Outdoor Game Resene half Turbo

5. To create the black lines divide your board into thirds and tape off your lines with Washi tape. Again, I did the two horizontal lines first, and then went over and taped off the vertical lines once it was dry. Paint two coats on each

6. Finally, peel off all the tape and watch your kids enjoy endless fun with this timeless game.

Noughts and Crosses Outdoor Game

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Large Noughts and Crosses Game

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