The New Zealand Federation of Family Budgeting Services Inc (NZFFBS) was a collective of community organisations sharing a common code of ethics, philosophy, and commitment to delivering top quality, free budgeting advice to family/whanau and individuals. The membership comprised 150 budgeting services nationwide that employ more than 1,500, mostly volunteer, staff.

The Federation folded in 2019 and has since become FinCap.

FinCap’s vision is ‘People, whānau and communities living free of hardship.’ And their mission is to reduce financial hardship by developing and supporting New Zealand’s free financial mentoring services and advocating for system-level change. Their goals are to:

  • Develop and support free financial mentoring services to deliver high quality, client-focused outcomes and raise awareness of their value
  • Build the capability and professionalism of financial mentors
  • Lead and contribute to system-level changes to reduce the causes of financial hardship

Find a Financial Mentoring Service Near You

For more than 50 years, financial mentoring services have been working with New Zealanders to improve their personal finances. Today there are more than 200 independent organisations that provide free and confidential budgeting advice.

Financial mentors provide more than budgeting. They provide a one-on-one service focusing on empowering people to get control of their money. They work alongside a person, their whānau, building trust and taking into account the complexity of their needs.

If you’re ready to get on top of your finances, or you’d like guidance on planning for the future, get in touch with your local financial mentoring service today.

Find a local financial mentoring or budgeting help service here.

Financial mentoring services help people gain control of their finances if they need help with day-to-day money matters like budgeting and debt management. Find out more at the FinCap site.

And for more information on budgeting for your family, check out our Family finances section.

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massive advertising, so much advertising that you are almost sent into a trance!!!!

Jarrod Rendle

We try to find a happy balance Grant. Remember all 3,000 + parenting advice articles on Kiwi Families are 100% free, always. But we’re still a business, and have bills to pay to keep the lights on. To make sure our advice remains freely available forever, we work closely with great brands that we think our readers would be interested in. But do keep us honest if the user-experience needs improving too — Kiwi Families


this site is absolutely hidious, the links are all broken

Jarrod Rendle

Thanks for your comment Grant. It appears that Family Budgeting Services have now been replaced by FinCap, the article has been updated. — Kiwi Families


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