This craft is a great one for all ages. All you really need to do is lay out a bunch of materials and let your child’s imagination run wild. A great way to lead into making easy painted rock monsters is to read them some monster stories.

There’s a number of really fun monster books out there from the classic story Where the Wild Things Are to I want a monster.

rock monster book ideas

What I’ve found over the years as a primary school teacher, and a mother, is that kids love the opportunity to paint on objects other than paper. So giving them some rocks to paint on is a great activity for them to explore with.

This activity also lends itself to getting out and about. Perhaps take a trip to the beach or river, to find the perfect monster rocks they’d like to use. You could challenge them to find the most interesting rocks to make their monsters.

Once the monsters are made, the fun doesn’t stop there. You could retell the stories using them, have a rock monster parade, or if your older kids are tech savvy, they could make a mini stop-motion with them. And once your kids have had enough of playing with them you could hide them around your neighbourhood for other kids to find and enjoy.

Making these easy painted rock monsters could just be the answer to hours of entertainment for your kids these school holidays!

Easy Painted Rock Monsters

You will need

Paint (for rock painting I like to use Resene test pots. The colours we used are Lucky Point, Wild Thing, Home Run and Scrumptious)
Googly eyes
A black permanent marker

What to do

1. For the best colour results, I would suggest painting your rocks white first. Once the white is dry, chose your favourite colour and paint the whole rock. We had a bunch of leftover Resene test pots, so we used a selection of colours from the Resene range.

2. Let your painted stones dry, then glue on your eyes, and any hair you wish to have on them. I’d suggest if you are gluing on hair, a hot glue gun works best.

3. Using a permanent marker draw on the mouth and any other features your might like to add.

4. Finally let your kids add in any painted detail their creative minds can come up with!


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