Birthday party games are all about having fun, and these birthday party games for 5, 6 and 7 year olds are perfect for your next party.

By the time children start school, they’re beginning to realise that party games have prizes, but they’re still not thrilled if one person wins everything and they miss out.

As with birthday party games for pre-schoolers, it’s a good idea to keep the party games for this age group simple, and try not to put too much emphasis on winners and losers.

If you want to give away prizes, try to have something small for everyone, rather than one person taking the lot.

Kids at this age have developed the skills needed to take turns, or wait for a game to finish, but they still prefer to do it all at once if they have the choice.

Try to have games where everyone is involved, especially if you have younger friends or siblings at the party.

7 great birthday party games for 5, 6 and 7 year olds

1. Animal Antics

Birthday party games for 5 to 7 year olds - Animal antics

This is a great game to play if you have an animal themed party, but its lots of fun no matter what theme you have. It works particularly well if you have lots of children to entertain.

Simply whisper the name of an animal into each child’s ear, making sure you give each animal name to at least 2 children. On the count of three, your guests start behaving like their animal (using noises and actions), and try to find a person in the room behaving the same way.

You could have a prize for the first pair to find each other, but for this age group it’s probably better to have something small for everyone once they have found their partner.

If you have a small group you can make it harder by blindfolding all the participants, and relying on just the animal sounds. In an extra large group, you could give 3 or 4 children the same animal, so that they have to form a team, rather than just a pair.

2. Get Out Of My Chair

There are no winners or losers in this game, and there is no end either. Keep an eye on the game, and call it quits once everybody has had a couple of turns in the middle, and before everybody gets bored.

Start by making a circle of chairs, bean bags or pillows, with enough seats for everyone except the birthday child.

The birthday child stands in the middle and says “What I would like for my birthday is…..”, and finishes with something that other children in the room have. It may be blue eyes, a green T-shirt, blonde hair, freckles, glasses … you get the picture.

Any children who have what the birthday child requests, must jump out of their chair and swap with someone else who also has the same thing

While all this is happening, the birthday child sits in an empty chair and someone misses out on their seat. That person then becomes the child in the middle, and the game starts again.

3. Memory Game

Great party games for 7 year oldsBy this age children are starting to develop a reasonable concentration span, and most will enjoy the chance to solve a puzzle.

Put approximately 6 – 12 everyday items onto a breakfast tray, (depending on the ages of your guests), and make sure the children all know what they are. If you have a theme for your party, you could make sure all the items fit in with your theme.

Show the breakfast tray to the party guests, and ask them to try to remember everything in their head.

Once they have had a few minutes to take a mental picture, take the tray out of the room and remove one or two items. When you bring the tray back into the room, the children can take turns trying to guess what is missing.

The child who guesses correctly gets to put the items back on the tray, and remove something different for everyone to figure out.

4. Fishing for Prizes

The whole point of this game is the prize, so that will make it an instant favourite.

Gather together small, light prizes such as stickers, small notepads, and pencils. Slide a giant paper clip over each prize, and lay them in your ‘fish pond’. A fish pond could be a paddling pool, a big box, or simply a rug on the floor.

Give each child a fishing rod with a magnet at the end of the line, and let them go fishing for their prize.

To make it harder you could blindfold your guests, or get them to fish from over a stair landing or balcony so they can’t see what they are fishing for.

5. Charades

Charades for this age group is about acting out an action or a thing, rather than trying to depict an entire movie title word for word. Depending on your guests, this game will be an instant hit or a complete failure, so the key is to keep it simple and get involved yourself.

If you have a theme, then choosing what the guests act out is easy, but if there is no theme to follow think of things that everybody will know and relate to. Instead of having the ‘guessing child’ automatically win by taking the next turn, make sure everybody gets a turn at the front.

Write out the ‘acts’ onto slips of paper, and have children draw one out of the hat. Some great ‘acts’ for this age group are:

  • Licking an ice cream
  • Brushing my hair
  • Kicking a ball
  • Shooting a goal
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Driving a car
  • Riding a skateboard
  • Reading a book
  • Having a drink

If you really want to have prizes for this game, you could make up certificates for different categories such as funniest performance, most reluctant star, and of course – drama queen, or king, as the case may be.

6. The chocolate game

Party games for teenagers - The chocolate game

This is a true classic. But like all classics, it never gets old, and actually gets better each time you play it! Children just go crazy trying to get to that bar of chocolate in the middle, even if they’ve been scoffing treats the whole day already. It goes like this:

All the kids sit around in a circle. In the centre of the circle is a bar of chocolate, a knife and fork, a pair of rubber gloves, a really silly hat and a kitchen apron.

Each child takes a turn to roll the dice on the floor in front of them, if they don’t roll a double they pass on around the circle to their left.

If a child does roll a double, they leap into the centre of the circle, put on the gloves, hat and apron, and start to unwrap and eat the bar of chocolate – of course, they can only use the knife and fork.

These game is heaps of fun, and often gets a little crazy. If you find the doubles get rolled too often, and no one is actually eating any chocolate, try making it just double 1s, double 3s and double 6s that get the child in the middle.

7. Winding Down – Hide the treat bag

The last half hour of a birthday party can be quite chaotic. Any game that is planned will be interrupted by parents coming to pick up their children.

As you try and say hello to the parent and give their child a treat bag, other kids are running around looking for one more game. ‘Hide the Treat Bag’ is a great way to calm the children down and give them something to do while they wait for their ride home.

Have everyone sit on the floor. One child is selected to leave the room while another child hides a treat bag — in plain sight for younger children or completely hidden for older children.

The child who has left the room is called back and starts to look for the bag (make sure it’s hidden in the same room as the children are in or it will take all day!).

All of the children participate by saying WARM, WARMER, HOT when the child is near the bag or COLD, COLDER, FREEZING when the child is moving away from the bag.

This keeps everyone interested in participating…even those on sugar highs!

Make sure each child gets a turn at finding a treat bag and hiding a treat bag. When a parent arrives to collect their child, call their child next to leave the room and return to search for their lolly bag.

It only takes a few minutes for each child and it’s a great way to end the party.

More birthday party ideas for 5 to 7 year olds

There are lots of other great games for this age group. You’ll find that some of the games we have in Birthday party games for 8 to 12 year olds can be adapted to suit this age group. You might also like our Traditional Birthday Party Games article.

And for loads more expert party planning advice, check out our School age: Birthdays section.

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Surely advisable for 5-7yrs……. thnx soo much 🙂

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All this stuff is fun but not easy for them


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My brother is turning 5 tomorrow.! And I am the host.. These ideas helped me a lot..
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animal antics will be fun for a group of 6 year old boys!


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Thanks. This is really useful. It would help me plan my niece’s birthday games at the weekend.

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plz tell me easy birthday game for 5 to 8 yrs kids


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This is great site!  I’ll definitely recommend it.  Very appropriate for the age advised and something different from the norm!


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