February 2016

New beginnings

Families constantly undergo new beginnings.  Every fresh start allows you the chance to grow through the challenges, focus on the positives and try to make the most of every day you have – because before you know it, you’ve moved on and there’s another new beginning about to take place.

As many kids head back to school and everyone gets stuck into 2016, our writers inspire you to make the most of this year.  Check out their great thoughts on the posts here – and let us know how your year is going.  We’d love to hear from you!

From the experts

starting the high school year

Tips for starting the high school year

We are flying head first into the depths of 2016 and if you are like us, we are cracking into…

How to grow salad

Plant, eat and repeat: How to grow salad in the heat

In the life of a garden it always feels like you are in the middle of something, the middle of…

Parenting with your ex

Parenting with your ex partner

After separating one of the last things you think about is how you will manage parenting your ex partner.   Separation is…


Cycling with the family this summer

A common question parents ask cycling instructors is “how will my child become more confident on a bike?” In preparation for…


Take back power over devices (and earn your children’s respect)

What a cruel end to a lazy, warm summer! Kids’ feet cramped by shoes; t-shirts and togs replaced with stiff…


New year, new roles

After 9 years of me being the “primary caregiver”, hubby and I are now swapping roles! It’s definitely a new…

keep your kids safe once they are walking

How to keep your kids safe once they are walking

Little is as exciting as seeing your child take their first steps. Simultaneously, little is as daunting, stressful or nerve-wracking…

20151213_155320 copy645

That through which I’ve passed, I shall pass through again

Charlie can whistle now. He worked it out on his own, more or less. One day, quite by mistake, out…

Reducing the nasties in your diet

Reducing the nasties in your diet

The New Year is always a time for resolutions and the chance for change. Sometimes (if not most of the…

organisation tips for a smooth year

Three organisation tips for a smooth year

Many of us will have set out resolutions and goals for big new changes for the New Year. However, for…

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