July 2016

Living bravely: Keeping safe

Some people say we’re wrapping this generation up in cotton wool. We don’t see that. We see passionate parents helping their children take risks without compromising their safety. It’s all about living bravely, and keeping safe.

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Children learning to live bravely

Children with learning differences are some of the bravest children I know. They show grit, resilience and a level of…


How can I keep my children safe… from me?

I was ready to be a mother at the age of four, it was 1978.


Making brave food decisions in the modern world

The title sounds like the starting point for an article on how to explore the Amazon while avoiding piranha, or maybe…


Growing unusual veggies

In this busy modern world, cities are expanding and backyards are shrinking. Yet the desire to grow food is more pressing…


Motherhood and keeping safe: why it’s OK to put yourself first

I read an article a few weeks ago in New Zealand’s Canvas magazine, in which writer Megan Nicol Reed penned:…


Empowering our children

When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe from other…

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