February 2015

Get creative

I always think that February is a better time to set resolutions for the year – the kids are back at school and things have settled a little. In this feature, we’ve got lots of wonderful ideas to help you get creative in all areas of life. From food to fitness, craft to business, check out our inspiring new articles to help you get creative.

From the experts

financial planning

Getting creative with your financial planning

New Year is usually a mix of celebrations, well wishes and New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions are typically something…


One hundred and one uses for zucchini

Back in the spring when the garden was still mostly an idea and good intentions, seeds, pots and a good…

creativity in the kitchen

Creativity in the Kitchen

For many, creativity in the kitchen is a far off concept that doesn’t get much thought.

grandparents raising grandchildren

Top tips for grandparents raising grandchildren

Often grandparents find themselves unexpectedly placed in a position where they are needed to raise their grandchildren. This is a…

creative families

Creative families . . . what might that look like?

“Creativity” – what comes to mind? Inner dialogue such as “I don’t have time for creativity,” or “my kids have…

Learning from nature

Learning from nature with preschoolers

Over the years, sections have got smaller and apartment living has increased, add this to a world that is increasingly…


What is this ‘Geocaching’ the kids keep talking about?

Do you keep hearing the kids and teens talking about “Geocaching,” but don’t really know what it’s about? Or wonder why…


Trying something different

Over the last few months I have been fortunate to try out some new exercise equipment all with different fitness…


Craft with kids: Popsicle Stick Catapult

Crafting is always more fun and meaningful when it is shared with the ones you love. Kids are natural tinkerers…

creative baking

Butter biscuits: Getting started with creative baking

Permanently bored people are a bit terrifying. Not, as many may fear, because they might cause Trouble of some sort,…

raw cake pops

Black forest raw cake pops

These raw cake pops are seriously impressive and are a treat that is guilt-free and surprisingly good for you! Containing…

playing with planets

Playing with planets

Really? All I can think about is trying to relax while my, generally well-behaved, sproglets run in, out and around…

success at school

A guide to success at school – for everyone!

I thought I was dumb. That university and a ‘dream job’ with a salary was for other people but not for…


When boredom strikes, creativity takes over

Creative thinkers and doers have shaped our world’s history and contributed to the future direction of the human race for…

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