November 2014

Education and technology

Making sure that your children have a good education is a priority for most parents but a good education can look different for different families. This month, we look at some of the things that can help make sure that your child gets the education they deserve.

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aitken-reid family

Great Kiwi Families: The AitkenRead family

Over the next two months, Kiwi Families are featuring posts on education and technology.  We are talking to some more…


A Fresh Start – transitioning your child to a new school

On Friday I gave a presentation to learning support staff and some educational psychologists around transitioning young people between schools….

man confused by computer

How I’m catching up with technology

I learned the word “Luddite” a few years back when someone remarked that I’m likely one, because I had this…

screen time family tv

At the end of the day, it is just about balance

In an age where we literally have an array of technological devices at our fingertips, there are a high number…

tablet recipes

The role of technology in education

The first mention of ‘education and technology’ tends to bring people out in a rash of raising funds for computers…

iStock_000016466396XSmall baby and book_1

What does learning mean in your family?

Have a quick read of this article by the Khan Academy (free internet learning) founder. While I agree with Khan’s premise…

teen going out

13 things to equip your teen with before they go out

It’s hard making that decision as a parent to let your young teenager go out certain places in the first…

boy eats keyboard

Managing your digital footprint

Technology is part of our lives and it is not going away. How much you want to let it into…

potty training

What to do when toilet training is not working

A reader contacted me with her son who was not a willing participant with toilet training. I thought it might…

preschool education

What’s the best learning environment for my child?

Every year, more research comes out that enhances our understanding of children’s brain development, learning and attachments. There is no…

fussy eaters

Top 10 tips for fussy eaters

Many parents battle with trying to cook healthy meals that their young ones will actually eat. Fussy eating is common…

Children gardening

Teach a kid to fish!

I was at a conference recently and one of the speakers was talking about how she was doing this science…

girl potty training

Toilet training without the stress – for all of you

It is a fact that around the time toilet training usually begins, children are starting to strive for more independence…

lady at computer

Is buying online the best option?

In today’s busy fast paced world, technology can be a godsend. If you can transact online then that’s one less…

Five steps to shopping success

Five steps to shopping success

“Good morning/afternoon! How can I help you today?” I have long since lost track of how many times I’ve said…

digital overload

What every parent ought to know about Digital Overload

The impact of rapidly advancing digital technologies on our families and children is something that is beginning to be analysed…

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