April 2014

Arts Festival

rochelle-new-75As we inch closer to winter, it sometimes feels like everything gets a bit harder. If you’re anything like me, it feels harder to head outside to play and it’s harder to feel inspired to be creative. Over April and May, we’re hoping to add a bit of spark into these darker Autumn days with our Arts Festival. So sit back, take some time and have read of our great collection of articles. We hope that they will inspire you, like they have inspired me this month!

From the experts


Creativity is for everyone

The word ‘creativity’ scares a lot of people, often because they don’t think they are creative people. The term has…

creative parenting

Making creative parenting a priority

How do we foster creativity in our children and in our parenting? Both require space and time. We all need…

decorating your garden

Decorating your garden without plants

While not being at the beck and call of the hungry and demanding summer veggies plants, the cooler months are…

Mashed eggs recipe

Mashed eggs in a cup – with a twist

I don’t know about you, but when I think about Easter, I think about eggs. Mostly often, it’s chocolate eggs…

Crafts for preschoolers

Arts and crafts for preschoolers

The colder months are a great time to get into arts and crafts with your preschooler.  It’s not just fun,…

Speech and language development

Speech and Language Development in Preschool Children

In my experience as a Footsteps early childhood teacher, one of the most common worries parents share is about their…

The imagination of a child

The imagination of a child!

My young grand-daughter had to make up a story using as much creative ability as possible. She hummed and bounced…

Create and live your best life

Create and live your best life

Are you rushed off your feet? Tired, exhausted and overwhelmed from the demands of everyday life? Lacking in confidence and…

In home care

Raising creative thinkers

I often catch myself wondering, especially when I encounter someone extraordinary (whether in business or just generally) – what was…

The storyteller dad

The storyteller dad

A writer’s son is doomed to tell stories. In the the mornings it’s his dreams and at night it’s his…

Creative children

Making a creative life for your kids

In a time where the school curriculum seems to become narrower and narrower, outlets for expressing creativity are becoming more…

dinner recipes

Variety is the spice of life

As the very well known saying goes “variety is the spice of life” and so it is with our food….

Create a retirement plan

Get creative and create a retirement plan

Retirement is going to be your single largest milestone in your life, one that without proper planning could well become a millstone.

pray with kids

The art of prayer: Five creative ways to pray with kids

Kids specialise in concrete thinking. The idea of praying and concepts like gratitude and forgiveness can be pretty hard to…

teacher with toddlers preschoolers

Get rid of the rules and get creative with your kids!

A friend reminded me the other day that: “A happy mum means a happy family”. I can hear you say…

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