September 2014

Pregnancy and babies

rochelle-newIt’s easy to get all gooey over a new baby and they can be the most delicious things in the whole world. But pregnancy and babies can also be jolly hard going! This month, we look at pregnancy and babies and all that goes with them.

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Spring babies

The seasons are changing again and the time is right to set in motion the birth of a multitude of…

dad and baby

The importance of loving connections on baby’s brain growth

I work supporting teachers to comprehend and manage children who find school difficult to understand and work in.  Of late,…

How to keep the you in mum

How to Keep the YOU in Mum

As many mothers know, one of the most significant questions you will face as an expectant parent is: “How will…

questions to ask

Questions to ask before you say YES to your teenager

“Mom, can I pleeeeaaase go to Regina’s* Birthday party/Sleepover on Saturday?” pleads Miss 14. “Which one is Regina again?”  I reply. “Remember,…

Dance of the swallows

The dance of the swallows

They were first noticed swooping in and out of the garage. Checking it out to see if this would be…

Shontelle Jayden and Ian..

Great Kiwi Families: Shontelle Cargill

Kiwi Families has a focus on pregnancy and babies at the moment, and we’ve been talking to some more great…


The Amazing Newborn Baby!

Every new born is different; some cute and bald, others with a full head of adorable Elvis styled hair! Each…


Great Kiwi Families: Kate

Kiwi Families has a focus on pregnancy and babies at the moment, and we’ve been talking to some great kiwi…

A new addition

Isaac – the story of the new addition to our family

Not content with ‘just’ having preschoolers and deciding more children was not a happening thing, our wee family decided on…


Natural fertility: What is the Sympto Thermal Method?

New Zealand is known for its clean green philosophies and certainly more and more families are embracing natural products and…

wardrobe planning

Wardrobe planning

Congratulations!  If you’ve been keeping up with my previous articles, by now you will hopefully feeling excited about getting to…

Great Kiwi Families

Great Kiwi Families: Rebekah, Chris and Eva Fraser

Over the next two months, we’re going to looking at pregnancy and babies and talking to some more great kiwi…


Organic pregnancy

Pregnancy is a major life event, and therefore a great time to reflect on your health and what you eat!…


Best laid plans

I am a planner. I love to plan. I think it started off with my enjoyment of a good daydream….


Kids need to know about money too

Just the other day, my daughter Olivia who is 9 years old, said to me, “Mummy, you know how I…


Pregnancy on my own terms

I’d like to share with other solo mothers two of the practices that I developed that served me and my…

exercises for new mothers

Exercises for new mothers

Congratulations on becoming a mother, how exciting! It is a brand new chapter that is exciting and full of changes….

snacks for children

Snacks for children

Children and snacking is something that many parents worry about. Are my children snacking too much? Is it ok to…


The Homework challenge

This week I’ve seen a lot of students struggling with homework. Perhaps it’s the grey cold weather that’s making it…

fruit raw

Eating for my health

Sadly over the first week of the school holidays, I found myself lying in bed for 10 days with Influenza. …

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