July 2015

Challenges in the Family

Being in a family means that you have other people to face life’s challenges with. But families have challenges too and at times, life can be tough. This month, our writers consider a whole range of things that can challenge families. Do check out their thoughts!

From the experts

getting kids into bed

Getting kids into bed

Getting the kids into bed doesn’t need to be a drama. Having the right tools can make it a battle free zone, here are some tips.

Bowel Cancer

Talking about Bowel Health

Is bowel cancer on your radar? If not, you’ll likely find the following statistics as sobering as I do:

grandparents raising gradnchildren

Challenges for grandparents raising grandchildren

Grandparents or kin who find themselves in a position of having to raise children at a later stage in life…


There’s more to learning than assessments

At the end of last year I was eating lunch when my mobile rang. The voice on the other end explained…

parenting together

Parenting together

Blended, re-partnering, stepfamilies, whatever you want to call it, life can be pretty complicated when you and your partner have…


Single parents navigating special calendar dates

Did you spot a lot of posts and comments on Facebook and Twitter over the Mother’s Day weekend from mums all around the world?

The importance of wearing the (under)pants

The importance of wearing the (under)pants.

Four years ago, I discovered a pile of unopened utility bills on my husband’s desk. They were buried under a…

stranger danger

Dealing with stranger danger

“There has been a lot of talk online about child abduction and stranger danger lately and I am starting to…

Anxious behaviour

The challenges of anxious behaviour

If your family is anything like ours, life is never predictable and certainly never stands still. Challenges to our family’s…

Quinoa rainbow salad

Quinoa rainbow salad

Juggling family duties when a new born comes along, can have its challenges. Time to prepare a well balanced meal…

Mexican recipes

Mexican treats from La Boca Loca

When we opened La Boca Loca in April 2011, we had a clear goal: to bring the freshest flavours of…

Caring for our families

Caring for our families

The immediate response to this title for most parents would be “but families are constantly being challenged!” That probably applies…

How to Talk and listen to your kids

How to talk and listen to your kids

“You don’t understand!” “You never let me…” “It’s not fair!” “I hate you!”… These and other hurtful words are often…

Winter gardening

Dodging raindrops for winter gardening

Winter is often considered the off season for fair weather gardeners, who enjoy the simple pleasures of sun warmed tomatoes…

making time

Tips for making time for your family

Our family’s biggest challenge is making time. Time is a precious resource I crave. The 19th century American author, Alice…

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