August 2016

Celebrating parents

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles we get to play.¬†It can be¬†hard to take a step back and reflect on the amazing job you’re doing. But it’s so important to do just that. So¬†at Kiwi Families, we’re celebrating parents. Here’s to you!

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5 parental lessons I MUST pass on to my daughter

They did… I did … I hope she does… We consciously and subconsciously carry through our lives pre-conceived ideas, learnt…


Making brave food decisions in the modern world

The title sounds like the starting point for an article on how to explore the Amazon while¬†avoiding piranha, or maybe…


Empowering our children

When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe¬†from other…


Way back when ‚Äď Celebrating gardening

Back in the day our parents and grandparents were fortunate enough to live the quarter-acre dream. They had¬†backyards big enough…

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