May 2015

Growing families

Families grow in different ways and at different times. Whether your children are small or you are managing teens, the needs of growing families are constantly changing. In this feature, we’ve got some great new articles to support growing families – do check them out!

From the experts


Forming positive relationships with food

Food has become such a hot topic. Everywhere we turn there are messages bombarding us about what we should eat…

Growing great food

Growing great food for the whole family

One of the keys to growing great families is primarily to keep them healthy, fit and well and as a parent…


The things I have learnt on the bumpy parental highway

“No matter what you’ve done for yourself or for humanity, if you can’t look back on having given love and…

growing families

Growing a family I had never met

The Napier Grandparents raising Grandchildren group invited me to attend the Christmas lunch with members of this support group. A…

keeping fit in menopause

Keeping fit in menopause

During menopause there are lots of changes that happen within the body. Many body systems are affected as one hormonal…


Growing the parenting galaxy

Let’s grow our concept of what ‘Growing Families’ means – I mean expand the orbit of the current paradigm of…

Welcoming teens into your home

Welcoming teenagers into your home

Our home grows frequently with over energetic teenagers! They blaze into our house brimming with smiles, flailing hair, bags of clothes,…

starting my own business

5 things I wish I’d been told about starting my own business

It’s tricky, the whole ‘going back to work’ thing after or amidst your kids early years.  I actually looked on…

growing families

Growing your family upward – and outward!

Growth can be either outwards or upwards, and that applies to families as much as anything else. A growing family…

host student

Growing your family with a host student

We thought our family had stopped growing at two kids. It seemed like the financially responsible thing to do, and…

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