Kids love robot crafts! This craft activity is one I run in my art class during the school holidays. Find out how your kids can make their own wooden robot craft, using old wooden building blocks at home.

The kids in my class have a ball making these, and make the most imaginative and expressive robots. Actually I call them BlockBots because they are made out of those old wooden building blocks that toddlers use.

I wanted to share this activity with you because I think it’s a great one to do at home in the holidays or during the weekend with your kids. Often when I teach this in class kids will make whole families of BlockBots; so you could easily spend all weekend making and playing with them!

If you don’t have any wooden blocks at home, you can always have a look in second hand stores, or on trading websites online, or you can buy blocks cheaply at emporiums and spotlight. Once you have some blocks raid the garage for interesting looking nuts and bolts, or head to second hand stores, I aways go to our local landfill shop and find some great buys there!

Most ages can to this activity, but just be aware that the instructions use a hot glue gun. So if you have kids younger than around 7 you may want to use PVA or strong craft glue to stick things on. I like to use the hot glue gun because it’s fast drying.

Just a tip when you buy your hot glue for this project you want one that is a little stronger than the standard glue gun glue. I suggest a strong bond glue, something like this from Bunnings.

I’ve also said that you can use a hand drill. My kids loved using the hand drill! It comes in really handy to use on larger screws or bolts, you can simply bore out a shallow hole and then glue the bolt into the hole.

Robot Craft – BlockBots

What you need

Wooden blocks
A mix of nuts and bolts
Cogs – steampunk style
A mix of loose parts (buttons, drink lids, screws etc)
Resene test pot paints (I used Windfall and Energy Yellow)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Black permanent marker
Hand drill (optional)

What to do
1. Chose a selection of blocks that you like the looks of and think will go well together.

2. Choose the colour of paint you would like to paint your blocks (I choose Resene Windfall and Energy Yellow. Then paint the blocks, ideally with two coats. Set aside to dry, or dry them with a hairdryer to speed up the process

blockbot painting

3. Pick out all the pieces that you think will make an interesting looking face, arms and legs (or wind up heart, or laser eyes, or wherever your imagination takes you!).

4. Once all your block pieces are dry you can begin hot glue-gunning or PVA’ing the features on. I used a nut and cog for the eyes and drew on the mouth. I also glued on some letter buttons and gave my little guy a wind-up heart and a quirky hat. Be creative and experiment with all the different loose parts you have.


Note: When using a hot glue-gun always remember to put the hot glue onto the largest surface to avoid burns.

5. Once you have your features stuck on, you can then glue the body together.


6. Lastly I screwed in some wee robot arms.


Now that you have finished one BlockBot, why not try to make a whole little family.

blockbots robot craft

Below are a selection of some of my kids art creations for inspiration.

Robots 2

For hundreds more fun crafts be sure to check out our craft section.

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