Sock puppets

sock puppet

This craft is an oldie but a goodie, I used to love making these as a kid and have to admit I rather enjoyed making this guy. Added bonus: my toddler thinks he is hilarious.

Things you will need:sock puppet craft

  • A sock
  • Felt, buttons, wool, needle and thread
  • Some cardboard (i.e. back of an old card)



What to do:

1. Cut a rectangle of card slightly smaller than the width of the sock.  Fold in half and round off the corners (see middle left image).

2. Decorate the inside of the card to look like a mouth (see bottom left image) then glue inside the sock mouth Рwhere the heel would go in the sock works well.  Leave glue to dry (overnight is best Рor have an adult help you use a glue gun if you want an instant result).   I sewed mine for extra strength.

3. Sew on buttons for eyes and nose, and strands of wool or pipe cleaners for hair.

4. Play with your new friend – don’t forget to give him a name!






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