I have been struggling to find a space to hang up my hats and bags for a while now and I finally settled on creating a teepee bag stand. They’re actually really easy to make and look great in the corner of the home. They’re also awesome for hanging jackets and scarves on too.

This could be a great project for your older kids to have a go at, especially if they are always just dumping their bags on the floor.

How to Make a Teepee Hat and Bag Stand

You will need
3x round dowel 2 metres long and 25mm thick (I got mine from Miter 10)
Resene testpot paints in Moby, Fuscous Grey, Blanched Pink and Rose Gold
Resene quick dry primer
A medium paint brush
3 metres of rope 5mm
Masking tape

What to do
1. Paint all three dowels with the white Primer and set aside to dry.

Teepee Hat and Bag Stand resene primer

2. Once dry, paint two of the dowels with Blanched Pink. You only need to paint three quarters of the stick and the bottom third will be painted in Fuscous Grey.

Teepee Hat and Bag Stand resene colours

3. Paint the last dowel piece in Resene Moby. Once again only paint the top three quarters. You will need to give each dowel at least 2 coats of paint.

4. When you have given the dowel 2 coats of Blanched Pink and Moby and the paint is dry tape off the bottom quarter.

5. Paint the bottom quarter of each piece of dowel with Fuscous Grey, this will also need 2 coats.

Teepee Hat and Bag Stand grey

6. For the Rose Gold accent I put the first piece of masking tape about a hand width down, then a second piece I left roughly the width of the tape itself, and the third piece I did about a little finger width under the second piece of masking tape. Offsetting them like this just gives a more interesting finish.

7. Paint in the Rose Gold. You will need to apply 3 coats to get a lovely rich colour.

8. When all the paint is completely dry  you can use you rope to create a tripod lashing. Below is an easy to follow clip on how to do this.

9. To finish the look, I then wrapped more of the rope around the outside of the the tripod lashing.

Teepee Hat and Bag Stand rope

10. Now just find a spot in your home, where bags and hats usually get dumped, and pull out the teepee legs until it’s balanced.

Teepee hat stand

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