Toilet rolls have to be one of the best crafting materials around. The endless possibilities with the humble toilet roll never cease to amaze me and they’re free. Here’s how to make toilet roll craft – butterflies. 

Spring is in the air. So my daughter and I decided to do some garden-themed toilet roll craft, and make a butterfly each.

I wanted to make it really easy for my 4 year old to complete the butterfly, without too much interference from me.

So I put out a range of Resene test pots and materials she could use. And she was away smiling.

I love the ease of this craft with little ones. Once they have all the materials available they just become busy little beavers immersed in their own creativity.

Toilet roll craft – Butterflies


You will need

Toilet rolls

Coloured card

Paint (we used Resene test pots in an assortment of colours)

Coloured pompoms

Pipe cleaners (optional)

Googly eyes

PVA glue


Washi tape

Vivid/permenant marker

What to do

1. Paint your toilet roll your chosen colour or colours. I went for a simple pink body but my little one used a range of colours on her toilet roll!

Let this dry while you make the wings.


2. Fold your paper in half and draw a heart by the fold. I chose to use a bright pink card for our wings.


3. Cut out the heart starting by they fold, unfold once cut and you should have your wings.

Depending on the age of your child, you can either do this step for them, or let them have a go.


4. Now it’s time to decorate. Anything goes really. I went with glitter and pompoms whereas little Miss decided on using paint and glitter.

Set aside and let any paint dry.


5. Cut a pipe cleaner into quarters, and glue and tape two of them to the inside of the toilet roll.


6. Glue two eyes onto the toilet roll and draw a mouth on using a vivid.

7. Lastly, glue your wings onto the toilet roll, and you have a gorgeous butterfly.


Little Miss loved hers so much that she spent the next hour playing with it!

She also has grand plans of us creating a stop motion with her butterfly, so watch this space. For more toilet roll craft ideas, check out Toilet roll houses.

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