I was having a look on Pinterest the other day to come up with some toilet roll craft ideas, when I saw toilet roll wool wrapped monsters. This inspired me to make a series of toilet roll crafts for Halloween using wool. So far I’ve made a bat, a mummy and a spider!

My daughter loves anything involving wool. In fact, one of her favourite activities is using a ball of wool to create a giant web like installation around our lounge, dinning area, and stairway!

So I thought Little miss 4 would love working with wool and creating this cute and fury bat. This bat activity is super-easy and most kids 4 and up will be able to create them.

Toilet roll craft – halloween bat

You will need

Black wool

Toilet rolls

White glue

A glue gun and glue sticks

Black paper

White paper

Googly eyes


Paint brush for the white glue

Pipe cleaners

What to Do
1. Using a paint brush paint the whole toilet roll with glue.

2. Wrap the whole toilet roll with the black wool. Make the wraps of wool as tight, or loose as you like, for a different effect. Set aside to let the glue dry.


3. While the glue is drying grab a piece of black paper and fold it in half. Unfold it and place the toilet roll in the middle, in order to get an idea of how big you’d like your wings to be. Draw one side of the wings.

Bat wings

4. Fold the paper back in half again and start cutting from the folded area. Once you open the paper up again you’ll have a set of creepy bat wings. toilet_roll_craft_halloween_bat_wings

5. Glue your wings to the back of your wool wrapped toilet roll using the hot glue gun.

6. To make the ears simply fold the top of the toilet roll down to create 2 cute little bat ears.


6. Finally, glue on some eyes, and a mouth. And there you have it. A very scary (but really very adorable) toilet roll Halloween bat.

To see the other Halloween-inspired toilet roll crafts, check out our Fun and easy craft ideas using toilet rolls article.

If you like this idea, be sure to share your creations in the comments below and check out our Pinterest craft feed for more crafting ideas.

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