Howling cats and big black spider,
Flying Bats, some doughnuts and cider,
Smiling pumpkins can be seen;
The time is here for Halloween.
– Karen McGuigan Brothers

It’s that time of year again, where the ghouls come out to play. Well, the crafting ghouls anyways! And what better way to start than by making these toilet roll Halloween mummy’s…

This craft idea is super-easy and fun for pre-schoolers and up. The littlies will have lots of fun wrapping, and gluing on eyes. Older children can get even more creative with their finished projects (Halloween stop-motion videos anyone?).

Toilet roll craft – Halloween mummy

toilet roll mummy materials
What you need

Toilet roll
White wool
White card
Googly eyes
White glue
An old Paint brush

What to do

1. Fold your white card in half, and draw one arm and hand on it.

2. Cut the arm out. Because you’ve folded the paper, you will have 2 exact arms. Fold a tab at the bottom of each arm. This will give you a surface to attach your arm to the toilet roll.


3. Glue your arms and eyes onto the toilet roll, using the white glue and a paint brush.


4. Now paint the whole toilet roll with glue, and begin wrapping the whole toilet roll with the white wool. You can wrap it tight in parts, and loose in others. Leave a few wool strands hanging here and there too. This gives it a real ancient mummy effect.

5. Cut an extra piece of wool and wrap it around both arms.


There you have it a toilet roll, wool-wrapped mummy, ready for Halloween spooking. Or perhaps you could make these after studying and looking through books on the mummy’s of Egypt.

To see our other Halloween-inspired toilet roll crafts, check out our Fun and easy craft ideas using toilet rolls article.

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