The itsy bitsy spider climbed up to give me a fright…

Spiders are all around us. Some of us love ’em, some hate ’em (and some of us tolerate them… just!). My daughter is someone who thinks they’re really cute! And my son is totally not into them at all.

But not matter if you are a lover, or a hater of spiders, they’re always fun to make when crafting.

We’ve been collecting up all our toilet rolls for a while now. And I realised it was time to do something with them rather than just having an ever growing mountain of them lying around. This realisation lead me to create my toilet roll crafts collection.

Today I’m making a toilet roll Halloween spider.

If it’s not Halloween, you might like to take the kids outside to have a look at spiders before making their toilet roll spider.

You could talk about how many legs they have, what colours they are, where they live and what they eat. Imagine being lucky enough to see a spider actually catching a fly in it’s web…

Toilet roll craft – Halloween spider


You will need


8 pipe cleaners

toilet rolls

Googly eyes

White glue


A glue gun and glue

What to do

1. First, start but painting the whole toilet roll with white glue. Then wrap your wool around the roll. I went for this great purple coloured spider, with my wool choice.


2. Next, make a pompom for the head. You can do this simply by wrapping the wool around you hand.

3. Now take the pompom off your hand, and lay it flat on the table. Tie a piece of string around it’s centre.


4. Now cut the outside edges of the pompom.


5. Glue the inside of one end of your toilet roll, and place the pompom inside the toilet roll. Leave to dry.



6. To make the legs, bend one pipe cleaner around the bottom of the toilet roll, with an equal length sticking out either side. Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the toilet roll. Now just bend the legs downwards, and then bend out little feet at the ends. This makes 2 legs on each side of your spider. So just repeat with 3 more pipe cleaners, to make 8 legs all up.


7. Hot glue the eyes on and then make a mouth shape out of pipe cleaners and glue them on.


Now all you need is a spider web for your little critter. This is where you give your child a ball of white wool, and let them go crazy stringing it up around your lounge :-).

To see our other Halloween-inspired toilet roll crafts, check out our Fun and easy craft ideas using toilet rolls article.

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