The Wise Money Foundation is a community organisation that exists for the purpose of educating people with wise financial principles. The Wise Money Foundation is not just about making budgets, instead they empower people to really make a difference with their finances and change the quality of their lives. The Wise Money Foundation works with people in enormous debt, right through to people who are debt free. Their principles are designed so that you can improve your financial situation no matter where you are on the money scale.

What does the Wise Money Foundation do?

The Wise Money Foundation offers seminars right throughout the country which help everyday New Zealanders “Take Control and Build Their Future”. The 3 ½ hour seminar discusses:

  • Why budgets don’t work and what to do about it
  • How someone on the same money as you can be so much better off
  • How to stop money from slipping through your fingers
  • Why many couples fight about money and how to fix it
  • The most effective way to stop bills from taking over
  • How to plan for the unexpected
  • How to pay your credit card off in full every month
  • How to get ahead, no matter what your income level

At the seminar you receive a 44 page workbook, and afterwards you receive 3 months of email coaching to make sure you stay on track. You can also subscribe to a fortnightly newsletter called ‘Dollars and Sense’. Each issue is full of hints, tips and good sound money advice.

The Wise Money Foundation also offers workplace seminars, and money programmes in schools to help equip our children with wise money principles.

How is the Wise Money Foundation funded?

The Wise Money Foundation is a charitable trust that relies on grants, sponsorship and donations from individuals and businesses. All the staff at the Wise Money Foundation are volunteers who are committed to bringing wise money principles to everyday New Zealanders.

How can I get their help?

You can contact the Wise Money Foundation by phoning 0800 WISE MONEY (0800 494 736), or by visiting their website and subscribing to their online newsletter.

Seminars are presented when and where there is enough interest, and when and where local businesses are willing to help with sponsorship. If you want to attend a Wise Money seminar in your area, let the Wise Money Foundation know so that they can see where the need is. They then work with local businesses to bring a seminar to your region.

How much does it cost?

A full seminar fee is $75 per person, but with the help of local business sponsorship, this fee is reduced to $25 per person or $40 per couple. It is completely free to subscribe to their online newsletter.

Link to the Wise Money Foundation website

This is a great website which has practical, entertaining articles which really inspire you to get straight with your money. It has well set out information about their programmes and seminars, testimonials from others who have attended courses, and the opportunity to sign up for a free fortnightly newsletter.

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This is the best website I have come across in a long time…so useful and full of great information that seems to be very hard to come by unless you trip over it by accident.

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