Writers: Geoff Andrews

Geoff Andrews

Geoff Andrews is CEO of TOUGHLOVE Auckland, part of a nationwide network which organises support groups for parents of teens. A former teacher with three adult children, Geoff believes that boundaries, consequences and consistency are vital to parenting teenagers. But he says that love is also an essential part of the mix.

Make a fresh start with your teen in 2014

Make a fresh start with your teen in 2014

Like most of us, you were probably hoping for a relaxed and enjoyable time over the summer ¬†break. ¬†¬† Continue reading »

Stay connected with your teen during exams


Exam time can be a stressful time of year for the whole family.

Mum and Dad may be working flat-out preparing for the closedown of business over the holidays. ¬†Meanwhile, the family‚Äôs teenage members can ¬†be facing examinations. And, for older teens, there could well be NCEA exams looming, with all that entails for their future careers.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Continue reading »

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