Whether or not it’s autumn where you live right now, it’s a great season to celebrate. I love the glowing light on a pleasant autumn evening. And of course the leaves changing colour and falling are a beautiful sight too. Making these toilet roll autumn trees is the perfect craft, for the perfect season!

Unfortunately not all of us can have colour-changing trees in our gardens, but this great little craft idea is a way to bring them to us!

We had to work hard to hunt down some autumn leaves for this activity, as we were doing it in late summer ourselves. But you just need to look around for dry leaves for this to work. Or, go all out and paint a few dry leaves nice autumn colours (think amber, burnt orange, etc.) for a great effect.

This is a really easy activity that is wonderfully rewarding. Enjoy the finished product on your windowsill!

Toilet roll autumn trees

You will need

  • Empty toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls
  • Brown paint (or mix red, blue and green)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • An assortment of colourful autumn leaves, fresh or dried.
  • Stapler or PVA glue.

What to do

Paint cardboard tubes brown all over on the outside.

Autumn trees
Cut strips in to your tube about 3cm down. You will want about 6 – 8 strips. Fold them back to create branches.

Autumn trees
Paint the pieces of card that have now been exposed, and then paint inside about an inch down from the top.

Autumn trees
Take your collection of leaves and staple or glue them on to the branches. You can add more than one leaf to each branch, and mix them up as much as you like. We were lucky enough to find some red berries – get creative and add anything that feels like autumn! You may even like to add some small twigs and staple your leaves on to those.
Autumn trees


autumn trees

That’s how to make toilet roll autumn trees. For more great toilet roll craft ideas be sure to check out Toilet roll telescopeToilet roll houses and Toilet roll reindeer marionette.

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Angela is Mum of two small children, and she likes to cook, photograph and blog her way through the day. Occasionally she braves doing craft with her kids.

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