Writers: Angela Humphrey

Angela Humphrey

Angela is Mum of two small children, and she likes to cook, photograph and blog her way through the day. Occasionally she braves doing craft with her kids.

Toilet roll autumn trees

Autumn trees

Whether or not it’s autumn where you live right now, it’s a great season to celebrate.¬†I love the glowing light on a pleasant autumn evening. And of course the leaves changing colour and falling are a beautiful sight too. Making these toilet roll autumn trees is the perfect craft, for the perfect season! Continue reading »

Easy stained glass windows [Craft for kids]

Stained glass windows

Easter is coming early this year and there are so many ways to get crafty over Easter! It’s a great way to get your kids (and you!) in to the spirit of the season. Continue reading »

Paper Christmas decorations [Craft for kids]

Paper Christmas decorations

My kids and I visited a local craft fair recently and all three of us¬†were captured by some delightful paper decorations that were for sale.¬†My son was particularly keen to find out how they were made, and¬†their¬†maker was kind enough to talk us through it. We bought one of her¬†creations and had a go at making our own, and are pleased to be able¬†to pass them on to you.¬† Continue reading »

Make your own vase {Craft for kids}

make your own vase

Spring has arrived! Well – at least on some days. It’s lovely to make the most of spring flowers while we can. And here’s a fun spring activity – make your own vase for all of those gorgeous flowers!¬† Continue reading »

Paper roll houses [craft for kids]

Paper roll houses

There are so many things you can do with empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, it’s just a case of choosing something, or working through them all! We found something new recently that appealed to all of us. These paper roll houses are a fun thing to do on a rainy day and they’re the kind of thing that kids of all ages can do. They’re also cheap to make and don’t involve lots of complicated pieces.¬† Continue reading »

Homemade photo boxes

Homemade photo boxes

I suspect I’m not the only one who takes hundreds of photos of my kids, only for so many of them to languish somewhere on my computer files. It’s great to have new ways to display them. Continue reading »

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