We’ve all heard the stories and seen the videos of runaway buggies rolling off train platforms or into nearby streams. The frightening thing is that all it takes is a moment’s lapse of concentration and off your buggy goes. I have to admit that I’m one of those parents who is paranoid about my buggy rolling into harm’s way. When I stop at a crossing I always angle my buggy to the side so that if it rolled it wouldn’t go straight onto the road. I hold the handle tightly when on a train platform or walking down a hill, and obsess over whether the brake is on properly. The thing that makes me worry is that the gut wrenching incidents that you see on the news are cases where it’s that one time the parent didn’t put on the brake, or daydreamed for just a second. It’s so easy for something to happen.

For this reason I instantly understood the importance of the new feature that phil&teds has introduced. It’s a feature that comes out of the desire to make sure that their buggy is as safe as possible. Over the years there have been many improvements in buggy safety but it took one local New Zealand company to make the biggest advancement yet. A brake that stops when you let go of the handle is one of those innovations that will change how people think about buggy safety. Seeing it in action generates a lightbulb moment where you think: ‘Why didn’t someone think of this before?!’. It totally makes sense.

Having tried one of these new buggies I can see so many situations when it would come in handy. The days of fumbling for the brake in a panic when you need to chase after a runaway toddler are gone The auto stop will give you peace of mind that when walking down a steep hill you know it won’t keep rolling if you tripped and accidentally let go. And then there are those everyday moments like answering your mobile while out for a walk or getting bubs in or out of the car. You just let go and it instantly comes to a halt!

As a paranoid parent, this new feature is a dream and I really value the peace of mind that it offers. It could just save the day. To see this new brake feature in action, watch the navigator with Auto Stop video.

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