How would you like an extra $200 for the family budget? By switching your power to the smaller, smarter power company Electric Kiwi, that’s exactly what we’ll guarantee you in savings over your previous retailer. Even better, a lot of our customers save even more than that!

First, let me tell you a bit about Electric Kiwi. We’re one of New Zealand’s newest electricity retailers, founded on a simple premise of getting you the power you need, at a price you’ll like. We’ve also made sure that dealing with us and understanding your savings is really simple.

We know that most electricity consumers aren’t all that thrilled with their provider – because prices just seem to go one way, while you might feel like nothing more than a number. It’s exactly for this reason that we started Electric Kiwi: by using clever technology, we keep our costs low while delivering a great customer experience.

Part of that clever technology is our internet-powered systems, which cost much less and are much faster than ‘old’ business systems. Another crucial part is the ‘smart meter’ which is probably installed in your home (70 per cent of Kiwi households have one of these).

What makes it smart? Unlike the meters of old, these ones automatically gather and communicate consumption information; no need for a meter reader knocking on your door. Electric Kiwi grabs that information and uses it to buy wholesale power smarter – and deliver simple, low cost power to you every day. Same reliable electricity – for less money.

There’s one more unique feature that we deliver at Electric Kiwi. Every day, you get one hour of free electricity in off-peak times. Again, we can do this thanks to your smart meter and our smart systems. You choose the time every day that you want your Hour of Power, then be sure to run the dishwasher, do the laundry and get hubby to vacuum the house (and complete those DIY projects!) Use all the electricity you like in that hour, for free.

The prospect of switching from one provider probably seems like a real hassle, on top of the million other chores and demands of the day. We know how busy you are – so we’ve put a major focus into making a switch as easy as possible.

You can do it all online and it should take no longer than two minutes: just fill in your details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Learn more about us below or head to electrickiwi.co.nz to find out more!


This post was sponsored by Electric Kiwi. 

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Julian is managing director and a founding partner of Electric Kiwi, an independent online power retailer designed specifically for homes with smart meters. Electric Kiwi launched to the public in mid-2015. The company aims to maximise technology to bring cheaper electricity to New Zealanders. Julian has over a decade’s experience working in technology businesses in New Zealand, the US and Asia. He holds a PhD in Information Science from Otago University.

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Saving a fair bit of money compared to my last provider, hour of power is a nice incentive and $50 join-up bonus is nice. Link for the offer is below

Lillith Sea

If you are thinking about changing to electric kiwi, do it!
Here’s a refer-a-friend link so you and i can both get a $50 credit

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