On long, wet days – especially during the school holidays – getting together around the table can be a lot of fun and games provide a welcome pastime. Here are some inside card games to keep the whole family amused.

Card games

I spent a lot of time playing card games as a kid – I would sit in my grandmother’s kitchen playing cards for hours on end. Card games are great for developing maths skills and excellent for those times when you don’t want to get lots of gear out. A pack of cards is portable and brilliant for taking away on trips. Here are some card games for different aged children.

Children aged 4+

Even quite young children can get the hang of simple card games and you might like to try:

Children aged 6+

Solitaire games

Solitaire games are great for helping kids learn to play alone or for when they just need some downtime. This website has the rules for a number of solitaire card games.

Websites of kids’ card games




Feel free to leave your best school holidays survival tip/game in the comments below!



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