In Hi-5’s first ever cinema release, Hi-5 will take you behind the scenes on a roller coaster ride where you’ll join your Hi-5 friends Stevie and Lauren, and see what being part of the Hi-5 family is really about!

Alongside a creative judging panel, Fely, Casey, and Tim also help to find the people who will replace them in Hi-5. We got to ask Hi-5 old hand Lauren Brant some questions about the new film…

What was your favourite part of making this film? 

I must admit, I really enjoyed hosting and presenting ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful.’ It’s an avenue that I hope to go down in the future so it was great to get a chance to do it throughout this movie, as well as doing the narration through the film. It’s a different side of me that I am looking forward to showing the audience.

What do you think kids will enjoy about Some Kind of Wonderful?

‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ is no normal movie session. It is a cinematic experience where we ask the kids to jump up and sing and dance, which is completely against what we are used to in the cinema. Children will love this. Also it is a movie made to share between the child and parent, which is very special.

What was it like to audition people for roles on the show? 

It was an honour to audition people for a role I once auditioned for. I was so proud to see how many talented young performers there are coming through and how enthusiastic they were for the Hi-5 role.

I’m sure you had some ideas about what you were looking for – were the right people easy to spot? 

We know to a degree what we are looking for, however whoever that special person is for the role, will stand out without us having to look. That’s what we got from Ainsley, Mary and Dayen.

And Fely, Casey, and Tim are leaving?? You’ve had quite a change in cast! How are you and Stevie feeling about the new crew? 

Stevie and I shared 4 wonderful years with Fely, Casey and Tim and are now super excited to start the next journey with 3 extremely gorgeous people.

You’ve been with Hi-5 for a long time now – what do you enjoy most about it? 

My favourite thing about being in Hi-5 is seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. That will always be my favourite part of this job, plus the fact that I am living my passion.

What would you do if you weren’t doing Hi-5? 

I would be dong the same thing, just for someone different. Acting, dancing, singing, hosting, PERFORMING!

Anything you’d like to say to Hi-5 fans in NZ? 

Hello to all my fans in NZ. I have been receiving all your messages and comments on my Facebook and Twitter. I love you guys, please keep them coming J We are hoping to visit you at the end of the year for a tour so please get along to ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ and meet our fabulous new cast members before we see you on the stage. 1, 2, 3, 4 HI-5! Love x

Kiwi Families has 5 double passes to Hi-5 Some Kind of Wonderful to give away. Just visit out competitions to be in to win! 

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