Spring has arrived! Well – at least on some days. It’s lovely to make the most of spring flowers while we can. And here’s a fun spring activity – make your own vase for all of those gorgeous flowers! 

This week we hunted down some beautiful flowers close to home, and decorated some glass jars to make vases. I seem to have a growing collection of old jars that I can’t throw away, and it is good to put them to use. If you don’t have any, hopefully you will find some not too far away in your pantry.

The options for decorating jars are endless really, so have a hunt through your crafty drawers and get creative. I was pleased to find a good way to use up those pesky stickers that are always lying around, and we enjoyed playing with old pieces of ribbon.

Foraging for flowers is a great activity for kids and grown ups. Once you start looking you may be surprised at how easy they are to find, especially at this time of year. Check all the corners of your garden, grab anything growing over the fence from your neighbours,’ keep your eye out on public pathways, at the edge of your local playground, in your mother in law’s garden… And remember anything goes; what may be a weed to some people could look beautiful in the centre of your dining table, and is certain to in the eyes of your children.

Make your own vase

make your own vase

You will need:

One glass jar per person, labels removed.

– and any of the following –



Glitter (glitter glue is great)

Fabric strips



Strips of patterned paper

Pipe cleaners

Foraged flowers

Decorate your jars as you wish!

make your own vase

Decide on which is the front of the vase, so you know where you want to tie the ribbons or stick your favourite stickers.

make your own vase

Ribbons stay on quite well when tied, but you may like to add a blob of glue behind the knot to ensure it stays.

Paint on glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue if desired.

Let dry in the spring sunshine, and arrange flowers in their vases.

make your own vase

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Angela is Mum of two small children, and she likes to cook, photograph and blog her way through the day. Occasionally she braves doing craft with her kids.

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