Kids love music! Whether you’ve got young children or older school children in your house, making music can be a great way to spend some time together. If the weather is not great for you today, maybe you could get into doing some music with your kids. It’ll be noisy but that’s the whole point 🙂

Some music-making activities


What You’ll Need:

Old spoon

A range of different items to bang on- old cans, the kitchen grater, metal bowls etc…

Run a spoon up and down the ridges of a metal can. You’ll get a nice sound. Try sliding it across all the textures of a metal kitchen grater. (Be careful not to slide your fingers on the grater!)

You could try creating your own songs or playing along to cds.

Make your own instrument

There are endless ways to make musical instruments with kids – here are some ideas:

Music games


Play your and dance to your favourite music and dance to your heart’s content. When your child least expects it, yell “freeze!” and stop the music. See what funny position you both wind up in.

Draw what you hear

Get a range of different music ready to play on your MP3 or CD player then get out some paper and pens, crayons or felt pens. Play a song and ask your child to draw what they are hearing. Get them to think about the mood of the music and what it might be suggesting.

Some useful sites

The BBC website has a whole range of useful music resources for children

This website has a whole range of ideas for teaching music skills to primary aged children

ZILLIONS of songs for children

Some great songs to use with your homemade instruments 

If you’re looking for songs, YouTube is a great resource. You’ll find songs, old and new, and you’re sure to have a blast watching the videos.

Hope you have a lovely time making music together!


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Rochelle is mum to three gorgeous daughters. She wishes she had more time to garden and read the newspaper in peace!

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