Happiness cannot be measured by one simple, single moment. It comes in many forms. A look, smile, smell, feeling, thought, word or just simply, life.

We all need moments of happiness in our lives to counter balance the sadness, loss and disappointment of that pendulum, that swings back and forwards. It is always good to have a stash of happiness tucked away in our internal money box. For when life deals us a rough patch, we can dig deep into that money box and take forth a moment of happiness that can put things in perspective. To relive a moment of joy, can soften the stabs of pain and hurt.

As we travel on our journey of life many things contribute to our inner wellbeing. Happiness is just one part of the complex picture. The smell of a new-born, the giggle  of a child, the smile of an older person, the taste of a favourite dessert, the words ‘I love you’ all our senses come into play for indeed both happiness and sadness.

Lying in a hammock, smelling the sea air can elicit a deep sense of wellbeing. To see an act of kindness upon a stranger can swell ones heart. To be that person even more so. All these simple acts can all add to our money box. It is all out there, one just has to be more aware. We are so busy rushing here there and everywhere, with a million thoughts racing through our brain. Sometimes we really do need to sit down and smell the roses and top up our internal money box. It will serve you well when needed. How full is your money box, does yours need a top up?

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Diane Vivian is the founding member and chair of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ. When in 1997, Diane Vivian took over the care of her small, traumatised grandchildren, she could not believe the stress she encountered. Setting about to discover what help or support was available in 1999, she found there was none! The organisation formed to meet this need salutes all Grandparents/kin who have taken in Grand/kin children and put the needs of those precious ones before their own.

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