Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve always loved Christmas and after becoming a mum last year I think I love it even more! I love everything about it, the lights, food, nativity plays, advent calendars, tree, shopping, wrapping presents – admittedly even the music. Most of all though I love that it brings people together and is a great excuse to do something nice for others.

This year I wanted to make something little that we could give to my son’s friends that weren’t too expensive, wasn’t junky and was small enough and nice enough to be both enjoyed and kept. I think these are the perfect solution.  So here is a simple yet cute craft you can do this year either for your own home or as cheap and easy gifts that will spread some of the magic of Christmas. Enjoy, and don’t forget to listen to some cheesy Christmas carols while you’re crafting!

Things you will need:stockings 1 Stockings image

Sewing machine (optional but makes it much faster)
Needle and thread

What to do:

1. Download the pattern and print it onto some card or paper – or make one to your required size.  Try roughly tracing a sock of a similar size to the stocking you want.  Remember to leave some width for the seam.
2.  Cut out the pattern, pin it onto the fabric you are using, and cut the fabric so you have two sides for the stocking.  If the fabric is patterned, beware of which side the pattern shows on when you cut your fabric – as you will want both sides to show the pattern when the fabric is sewn together.
3. Sew up and turn in the other way so you can’t see the seams. Fold over the top.
4. Sew on the ribbon and if you want, an initial on the front.

You could also try using fabric markers or paints and letting your children get crafty with those!

The pattern makes a stocking small enough to be hung on a Christmas tree and just big enough to fit a wee chocolate bar and some bubble-blowing mixture in. Also you can use any scraps of fabric you have around, I used an old skirt and just scraps of other fabrics.

Check out these Christmas Tree decorations – hoop style for more Christmas crafting fun!


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