Bruce wants to go faster by Dreydon Sobanja is another great installation from the awesome ‘Inspirational Kiwis’ range of books.

This is an inspirational story for children about the great New Zealand motor racing legend, and founder of the McLaren Racing Team, Bruce McLaren.

What I am liking

This is a really beautiful book, one your child will cherish. From the bright, bold hardcover to the nostalgic 60s inspired illustrations inside, this book is a delight to read.

And it’s really indepth. I think I was expecting it to be a little lighter than it is. This book is definitely more for the ages of 10 and up. Tweens should have little trouble reading it, as it’s written very well, but will certainly have to read it over a few nights. It’s a perfect self-reader for 11-12 year olds.

Although the content is indepth, the story is really interesting. There’s loads of facts packed in here, but it’s done in a light way, telling the story of Bruce McLaren right from the 2 years he spent in traction as a child, through to his amazing success on the track.

Obviously this book will appeal to kids with a love of sport, or motor racing. But as an historical account of a hugely inspirational Kiwi, it should have fairly broad appeal.


Bruce McLaren is surely one of the biggest names in New Zealand sport, and certainly one of the biggest names in motor racing. The McLaren team he went on to create is one of the most successful and well recognised motorsport teams in the world.

Not all children will have heard of Bruce McLaren, but they’ll certainly know who he is after reading this book.

Bruce Wants to Go Faster – Written by Dreydon Sobanja – Published by Inspired Kids Limited – RRP $25


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