I’m liking…

The cushioned nature of it seemed as though it would be more comfortable than some of the hard plastic boosters, especially for long trips.

Easy to blow up, deflate, and pack away. It was light and compact.

Things that made me go hmmm…

As a mum with at least four children in my car at any one time I like my older kids to be able to put their own seat belt on. With the Bubblebum my kids struggled to thread the seat belt through the plastic seat belt restraints on each side of the booster. With the more standard boosters it is hard to get it wrong, and when I hear the ‘click’ of the seat belt I know they will have it on correctly.

I needed to use two hands to get the seat belt through the seat belt restraints and couldn’t do it with one hand. That may sound silly, but with an eight seater vehicle I often reach into the car and put the seat belt on with one hand.

The slightly ‘meshy’ material, whilst surface washable, seemed as though food or mud (or whatever may be traipsed through a car with young kids) could easily get stuck in it and not as easily brushed off.

The conclusion

If I travelled with my kids a lot and space was an issue these boosters would be great as they do squish down well. They would be good if different people were dropping and picking up your kids, as you can easily pop it into a bag.

Because I have plenty of space in my car and I don’t need to move boosters between cars I didn’t feel that the Bubblebum was particularly well suited to my needs. The ‘fiddly’ nature of putting it on would put me off buying one for my kids.


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