I was lucky enough to try out Daipers Sensitive Nappies from the Nappy Warehouse. Daipers Sensitive are an economically priced nappy, but still with European made quality and absorbency. The nappies have been designed to offer absorbency, comfort, and have skin friendly properties.

I’m liking

I had been hunting the supermarkets for a little while for a new brand of nappies that would work for me. I have been finding that the old brand I was using kept splitting at the front in the night and leaking little beads filled with wee everywhere! So when I was offered to give these new nappies a try, I was more than happy to.

I have to admit I have never been one to look at brands that are not the common household names you find at the supermarket. But these nappies from Nappy Warehouse were fantastic. I used Daipers Sensitive on my 8 month old. I found them to be super absorbent which meant no more leakages but also no nappy rash too. They also lasted perfectly throughout the night. No leaks or tears in the product, even after a full night in them.

We even had a few number 3s which were very well contained!

Things that made me go hmmmm

I really didn’t find anything that made me go hmmm, as the nappies did a great job. It would be great to see them in supermarkets as sometimes I’m just not organised enough to buy online before the next batch runs out. Or perhaps offering a monthly subscription package would work for people like me.

The conclusion

Overall I would definitely go back to the Nappy Warehouse and purchase my diapers from them.


This product was kindly provided by Nappy Warehouse for review purposes.


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