Hands-on fun with a no-mess wipe clean pen! The baby animals are looking for their mothers; draw some lines to join them up. Can you put the horse in its stable? With lots of activities and fun things to find together, your toddler will love learning about drawing, letters and numbers using this interactive board book. The chunky pen, wipe clean pages, and special slate mean practice makes perfect!


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. I love the fact that if my kids make a mess on it the mess can be
    wiped clean. They love it. They’re not usually allowed to write on books
    but love the fact they can on this one.

  2. My son loves the sea creatures and this book is best used when we
    are travelling. He could spend all the time just pointing to the

  3. After reading your review i brought this from word of mouth. i love this new wipe clean. Its so nice and easy to clean up.

  4. My son loves to trace around the letters and i can leave him alone to do
    this without worring that he will make a mess. The hands on fun with a
    no mess wipe clean is a great idea. Wish they had these things in my

  5. I like that this one is with a no-mess wipe clean pen. I can leave
    my toddler alone to draw lines for the baby animals to find their
    mother. Great for every parents

  6. i went out an bought this after i didnt win it!

    its great, my 2 year old loves, learning and fun, cant go wrong!

  7. Kids love animals, so what a great way to combine their early education
    with sea creatures, polar, desert, jungle and safari animals, pets,
    birds, night time and farm animals. The book comes with with some handy
    notes for parents and a pen with a neat triangulal grip for preschoolers
    to develop pen control!

    Kids can do a variety of activities like
    counting, tracing shapes and introducing writing by tracing the words
    on the pages. Because of the easily wipeable pen – the book becomes a
    book that can be used over and over – even for your second child!
    Beautifull colour photos make it appealing and there’s even pages for
    free play enabling kids to write and draw. Ideal for trips.

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