Dough Queen play dough is an all natural, non-toxic alternative to the commercial store-bought play dough. It was born out of a need. When Claire (aka the Dough Queen) noticed how her own little one put ‘anything and everything’ in her mouth she went about creating her own non-toxic play dough. Realising that not all families have the time to make their own home-made play dough the Dough Queen decided to fill a need. She now provides families with non-toxic, New Zealand made, play dough for little fingers to enjoy. 

I’m liking

I was really happy to have the chance to review the Dough Queen play dough. My little girl is a giant fan of play dough and some weeks there isn’t a day that passes by without her playing with it. Dough Queen’s dough comes in 500g bags which is the perfect size for us. It means I can pull out just half the bag of each colour and not become to obsessed with the brand new colours getting mixed up right away. And my little one still has plenty to play with.

Another great thing I discovered while having a look at the Dough Queen website is that they’re in the process of creating a gluten free play dough. I have a number of friends with kids who have an intolerance to gluten, so being able to gift them a gluten free play dough is going to be great!

Anything to improve?

The play dough has a real home-made feel to it so if you’re not used to the home-made dough feel you might find it a little soft to the touch compared to the store bought stuff. We discovered this is easily solved by just adding a little flour to the dough. Of course the softness is because this is ‘real’ play dough, and it’s a real comfort to know that if my little one picks some up and eats it, that there’s no nasty dye chemicals and additives in there.


Overall I found the Dough Queen play dough to be a great addition to our imaginative and inventive playtime together. I would definitely recommend checking out the Dough Queen website, she even does one off requests for colours – an option that could be great for themed birthdays.

Dough Queen 500g bag – RRP $8.50


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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