A condensed, board book version of the classic bestseller, perfect for babies and toddlers. Introduces the youngest readers to the wonderful world of Seussian word play.

Praise“Combines phonics and word recognition, making sounds and letters recognizable. Highly recommended.”—Starred, School Library Journal.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. Another great Dr Seuss favourite. You can never go wrong owning any of these classic rhyming marvels.

  2. This book is an absolute must for any child’s bookshelf. Highly, highly recommended.

  3. I loved the Dr Seuss books when I was a kids and have got my kids into these books too. They loved this book.

  4. My son just loves Dr Seuss book and i find it great for ghyming phrases.

  5. When I can, I plan to purchase the entire series of Dr. Seuss books
    for my child being that his style of poetic prose is so appealing to

  6. My children have loved me reading Hop On Pop to them from a young
    age, i silliness of the rhyming along with the illustrations is
    delightful. This is one book sure to leave you tongue tied.

  7. Great book i used to read this with my little neices before. Love the authur.

  8. This book is great for teaching kids to read. My son loves this book. He wants all of Dr Seuss and i have to buy it for him.

  9. I can remember reading this book when I was little. My kids just love this book. great for teaching children how to read.

  10. My gandad used to read this story to me when i was little and now he reads it to my son when grandad visits us. A geat book.

  11. Rocketpower Reply

    I can remember reading this book when I was little. My parents read
    it to me before I could read, then I read it at school. I have read it
    to my 3 sons. Its great for teaching kids how to read more complex words
    and rhymes. Love the art work too.. there is just something about Dr

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