Big Fish is big, and Little Fish is little. Big Fish wants to catch Little Fish, but Little Fish is very crafty. Big Fish had better watch out! With simple text, the use of opposites (above/below, inside/outside), and the beautiful, bold illustrations of pop artist Ed Heck, this book is sure to swim its way into the hands of kids everywhere!


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. My children love this book as it teaches about opposties. This book is a must have for any child’s library.

  2. this book only lasted three weeks in our house. My friends son got
    hold of it. I like the illustrations and a great book to teach about

  3. Big Fish is big, and Little Fish is little, children learn about opposties. My son loves this book.

  4. My son loves this book. My girlfriend has this book and when ever
    we visit her my son loves to look at pictures. I think this book is

  5. My son LOVES this book, its given him an obsession with fish! He
    was given it for his second birthday and we HAVE to read it every night,
    its just a fun bright book for kids 🙂

  6. little fish is a very crafty fish. children learn about opposties. its beautiful with bold illustrations.

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