The simple text and spare bright coloured illustrations will appeal to babies as well as toddlers. Spot prepares for bed after a very busy day. Before he goes to sleep, the dog enjoys a bath and a story. This is one of a number of books about Spot written and illustrated by Eric Hill.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. Nothing is more fun (even for grown ups) than finding out whats under those liitle folds in a spot book. An all time favourite.

  2. This is a great book for bedtime. My kids love having books read to them and this is another of their favourites.

  3. My kids love this book. They’re right into the Spot books. One of their favourites.

  4. The pictures are terrific with a lot going on in the background

  5. A wonderful book to read to your little one. My child just loves to
    hear this story. This book is fairly small so that I can just place it
    in her diaper bag and take it out when she gets cranky while we are out
    and about.

  6. My son loves this book because of the shape and its so simple and easy to read.

  7. This book is easy to read. My son likes the shape and its colourful

  8. i love the shape of the book and its easy to flip through pages. My daughter loves the colours.

  9. my daughter is only 7 months and she loves to hold this book (and
    chew it) and look at the pictures, she smiles at it, I think its the
    bold and bright colours 🙂

  10. my son likes to hold this book because of its shape. The texts are
    simple and brightly coloured illustrations appealed to my kids. Great
    auther by the way.

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