This innovative touch and feel book is perfect for little hands and for helping to develop sensory awareness. Have fun using the shaped pages to find the bright, friendly animals, and then feel the different textures to match the mummies and daddies with their babies


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. My kids love books and I’m always looking for new books to buy them. From what I saw these are great books.

  2. My son just loves this book he ‘s 18 months old. He loves touching
    the different textures and looking at the bright coloured pictures.

  3. Its good for developing sensory awareness. my kids love this book. Just perfect for little hands which i agree.

  4. I love reading this book to the kids. They love being able to touch and feel on each page.

  5. I have seen this book at my friends and I am saving up to buy this book. colourful ilustrations. Just love the touch of it.

  6. This is a large format, very colourful book which we have had a lot of enjoyment from. Would recommend to any baby.

  7. This book about touch an feel is just right for little hands. My son
    just loves flicking through the shaped pages to find the bright,
    friendly animals and then to feel and touch.

  8. I agree with Deb its a great book for the perfect little hands. Its
    good for developing sensory awareness. MY son loves this book

  9. this is so so so great to read with your little one, and a great
    concept to be able to match the animals by texture, i love this book!

  10. The Animal Book is part of the Ladybird Baby Touch series, it is a
    showcase or 5 different baby animals with their parents. As a board book
    this is great for even the youngest babies. On every page you will find
    a range of images, patterns, shapes, colours and textures – ideal to
    stimulate all their senses. The best of all of course is the ability to
    touch, even as an adult you can’t escape moving your fingers along the
    soft images. Great for talking about what sounds animals make. A
    plethora of yummy colours will attract your child to the book and it’s
    strong enough for a toddler to browse through themselves.

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