Fletcher of the Bounty by Graeme Lay is a must-read for fans of sea-faring adventures, life in the late 18th century, and the history and culture of the Pacific Islands.

This is the story of the mutiny of the Bounty like it’s never been told before. Graeme Lay has continued with the successful formula he used with his Captain Cook trilogy.

He tells the story of Fletcher Christian in novel form, based on fact and historical account. But he fleshes out Fletcher’s character with fictional story-telling, based on Lay’s own understanding of the Pacific Islands, and life in 1789.

Although we know that Fletcher lead the mutiny of the Bounty, not much more about him is known.

We know he fell in love with a Tahitian women, and had 3 children with her. And, of course, we know they ended up in Pitcairn Island, and Fletcher was murdered just 4 years later. The rest has been never told, or lost in the sea of time. Until now!

Personally I love reading historical accounts, told in novel form. It’s exciting to know that, at least parts of the plot; the wonderful drama, romance, tryst and intrigue really occurred.

I’m also really fascinated by the early Pitcairn Island settlers, and all the skullduggery that went on there.

So, for me, this book was a great read. Lay is a really colourful story-teller. His knowledge of the Pacific, and the era, really shine through. And his snappy, precise writing style, make this an easy-reading, page-turner.

Good stuff, historical, but fun, and will appeal to a wide-range of readers.

Fletcher of the Bounty – Written by Graeme Lay – Published by HaperCollins – RRP$36.99


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