Now available in paperback, this hilarious “New York Times” bestseller stars Molly Moon, who discovers she has an extraordinary talent: she can hypnotize anyone.
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hypnotism

Molly Moon is no ordinary orphan. When she finds a mysterious old book on hypnotism, she discovers she can make people do whatever she wants. But a sinister stranger is watching her every move and he’ll do anything to steal her hypnotic secret…


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  1. I saw this book while visiting a friend and had a look at it. What a great story.

  2. i have had a glance at this book at friends house and its a good story.

  3. Molly’s solutions to problems are amusing and all evil is redeemed.
    Great book aboutpypnotism and amazing powers. My daughter loves this
    book but Iam not so keen about the things she does.

  4. I like this book. My students found the story sad but great book to read aloud.

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