GoDice is an amazing new toy concept by Particula – the makers of GoCube. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign, GoDice was created to bridge the divide between dice games and digital apps.

The full pack includes 6 smart dice and charging unit, more than 10 free game apps, tablet stand and carrying pouch to take your dice on the road. Each ‘smart dice’ has a tiny sensor inside it that tells the app what number you’ve rolled, and charging only takes a few seconds per dice.

The initial apps are great for kids, and include one of our all-time favourites, Yahtzee! And, after a couple initial teething issues, we’ve been using the GoDice every few days. They’ve taken pride of place in our games cupboard. And the GoDice will definitely be going on our next roadie, as they’re the perfect size for mobile gaming.

In terms of those teething issues, the first was that our kids’ Android tablets had Google-enabled parental locks on them. The parental lock was preventing geo-location data being sent. But once I worked out how to change that setting, the dice sensors were immediately picked up. The other issue was a small glitch with the game apps where user profiles weren’t being set. But we just re-downloaded the GoDice app and that issue resolved itself.

Aside from that, this toy is totally amazing! The dice work really well, and we can only highly recommend them. Check out the video review above, and you can preorder GoDice now from Mighty Ape, available from 20 July.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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