Twins Grace and Katie have only one thing in common; they love to draw! But Grace likes her drawings to be neat and orderly, while Katie loves hers to be bright and bold.

This is the premise in one of our family’s new favourite books. Author Susanne Merritt does a wonderful job at illustrating our unique differences. And, how if we work together, it’s our differences that make our work more interesting and fun.

The Grace and Katie story teaches kids that there is no right way to explore art, and it encourages kids to express their creativity.

One of the main aspects I love about this book is the illustrations by Liz Anelli. Every page is filled with expressive illustrations that really complement the story. There were so many different things for both of my children to look at, and this opened up a whole other level of conversation about the story’s main premise.

Katie and Grace

This book would be good for a wide range of ages. I read this to my 2 year old, who enjoyed it because of all the wonderful images. And my 4 year old loved it, because she really loves art. But I think children aged 5 through to 9-10 will really connect with this story.

This would also make a great teaching resource when it comes to teaching kids about creating and reading maps.

Grace and Katie – Written by Susanne Merritt and Liz Anelli – Published by EK Books – RRP $18.99


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