We recently had a chance to try out the new Jabra Elite 5 earbuds, and oh my gosh are they ever good! So comfortable, so many features, such great sound. Check out the review.

If you’re on the look out for reliable earbuds, with a long battery life, great sound and customisable to fit your hectic lifestyle, definitely check out the Jabra Elite 5. They could be the perfect choice, especially for busy Mums juggling multiple responsibilities.

First up is the comfort criteria. These earbuds are snug, gentle and fit perfectly. Personally I don’t use earbuds, I’m an over-the-ears earphones person. But mostly that’s because I don’t like the feel of things in my ears. I found the Jabra Elite 5’s to be seriously comfortable, even over a long stretch of time. Apparently they studied over 60,000 ears to find the perfect fit!
Jabra Elite 5-Review

The Jabra Elite 5’s Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology is pretty good. With a touch of the button you can block out a wide range of sounds, whether you’re on a work from home call or grooving to your favourite vacuuming tunes! So, even in the midst of daily life chaos, you can create your own little peaceful oasis.

But, we don’t want to block out the world completely! The Elite 5 uses something Jabra calls HearThrough technology. Just tap a button, and you can now hear the world around you, without removing your earbuds. We think this is an awesome feature. It makes being out and about around busy traffic a lot safer, so useful at the supermarket checkout or ordering at a cafe, or when a friend stops you in the street for a chat!

Using the Jabra Elite 5 for phone calls provides crystal clear call sound. Thanks to its 6 microphones, you’re sorted with good call quality and connectivity. So perfect for any working from home situations.

And using the Jabra Elite 5 for listening to music with the 6mm speakers will transport you to another world. We found the speakers delivered massive, high-quality sound, that will definitely give you goosebumps.

Pairing your device is usually a constant source of irritation, but not so with the Jabra product. Thanks to pairing features like the Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair features, pairing the earbuds was instant and painless. And in our trial there was no dropping out, or Spotify glitching, which regularly happens with my headphones. That’s a real plus. None of us has time mucking around trying to get our fav podcast or music pairing and streaming!

Probably the coolest techie feature though has to be the Jabra Sound+ app. This app is seriously cool if you want to customise your sound. All the usual features like adjusting the bass, mid-range, and treble to create your perfect sound profile are there. But you can also set up and save different sound profiles for different scenarios. So maybe something all consuming on your work commute, and then another profile for voice that allows outside sounds in for that perfect podcast walk.

While we’re on the techie part. Here’s a quick overview of the cool tech stuff where the Jabra Elite 5 really delivers. We discussed the extensive research Jabra did to create a unique, snug fit. But the Elite 5 earbuds also look great, so that research is really paying off. They have an IP55-rated dust and water-resistant design. so that means peace of mind during your workout or maybe an unexpected downpour. They have a huge battery life of up to 28 hours, including 7 hours with ANC on. And they come in a Qi-certified wireless charging case, so your earbuds are literally always read to go. And if your buds have gone flat and you’re in a hurry, apparently there’s a fast charge feature that gives you an hour of power in just ten minutes!

If we were to come up with one negative, it would probably be the noise-cancelling technology. The earbuds still let in a bit of sound from the outside world, especially compared to my headphones that reduce external sound to almost none. For our needs, around the home, out and about, commuting to work, the Active Noise Cancellation was fine. You definitely get to live in your own little music bubble. But if noise cancelling is the most important feature for you, then there are certainly better options.

And that’s pretty much it for the negatives. For the low price-point, massive sound, multi-use and customisable features, as well as the super-snug fit, quick pairing and easy charging, the Jabra Elite 5 is highly recommended! Definitely 5 stars from us.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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