In simple language complemented by full-color, double-spread illustrations of loving animal families, John Butler has crafted the perfect bedtime story for parents to share with young children. This beautiful book will bring a quiet, reassuring end to a busy day.

Each animal is depicted in its natural setting as, one by one, baby animals are gently put to bed by their mothers and fathers. From tiny birds and rabbits safely tucked into warm nests and underground burrows to bear cubs resting in their dens and young whales lulled in the deep, blue sea, the noisy animal kingdom settles down for the night.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. I just loved reading this book to my baby. The pictures are large and detailed. Very easy to read.

  2. This is such a gorgeous book perfect to help put our wee ones to
    sleep. Beautiful illustrations which almost look touchable soft.

  3. This is such a cute book. My kids love the story. It gets read to them every night at bedtime.

  4. I have been reading this book to my son at naps/bedtime since he
    was 8 months. Now, he’s a good kid, but he doesn’t sit still for EVERY
    book I try to read to him — but this one he loves EVERY time. Even if
    he’s fussy, this is the book I pick up first, and he usually settles
    down right away. If he’s really fussy, he settles down by the “Zebra”
    page, guaranteed.

  5. this book is great bedtime story. It has bright colours the use of simple language.

  6. I like this book as it uses simple language and easier to kids to
    understand. This book was my favourite as a little girl and i like
    reading it to my children. Illustrations of loving animal families.

  7. My book is falling apart but my children love this book. The language is so easy and simple to follow.

    • I just loved reading this book to my baby. The pictures are large and detailed. Very easy to read.

  8. I saw this recentley at a friends house, i thought it was quite cute!

    Easy to read, nice illustrations, good bed time book for snuggling up!

  9. Rocketpower Reply

    great bedtime story. Bright colours, simple language. Very family friendly

  10. The book uses simple language with bright illustrations of loving animal families. This is a perfect book for bedtime stories.

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