Lonely Planet Kids London City Trails follows 19 themed trails through London to reveal the city’s best kept secrets. If you’ve got an 8-12 year old who dreams of travel, this little guide will be well received.

I’m liking

Two little explorers, Marco and Amelia, guide the reader through many of London’s well known areas and sights, as well as some that sit off the beaten trail. London’s rich history is obvious in this book, as you focus in on so many historical landmarks, what museums have to offer and items of clothing worn by generations past. It’s a lot of fun and laid out in a most appealing way, with cartoons and photographs, paragraphs of text as well as highlighted facts and tidbits.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Not in depth enough to be a true travel guide (most 8-12 year olds probably don’t want to bother so much with the detail!) – this book is an interesting read for those who have been to London, as well as those interested in history and the city. For a family planning a trip to London, you’d need something more in depth.

The conclusion

This book would be the perfect way to excite your tween for travel – whether you’ve got something definite planned or not. Your child will be able to impress their friends with many London-related facts, like the fact that Twickenham Stadium was previously used for growing cabbages, grazing horses and as a decontamination centre in WWII. Who knew?!

Lonely Planet Kids: London City Trails is published by Lonely Planet, RRP $19.99.

This product was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes.


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