Hairy Maclary and his crew of five kooky canines — from big-as-a-horse Hercules Morse to Schnitzel von Krumm with the very low tum — meet their feline match in this first in the series by best-selling author Lynley Dodd.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. This book is so much fun to read with all the clever rhyming. And
    my son enjoys listening and seeing what mischief the dogs are getting
    into. Great pictures too.

  2. Who can go past this book? This is an all time favourite with kids
    of all ages. I too can remember it off by heart and its always fun to
    read with kids. The pictures are great and the characters always
    popular. I’ll never forget my son coming home from school talking
    nonstop about Lynley Dodd, for him to remember that name it HAS to be a
    geat book.

  3. The Hairy Maclarey books are awesome to read. My kids love them. They particularly like this one.

  4. A wonderful book to read to your little one. My child just loves to hear this story.

  5. This is a great book, my daughter now 3 knows the words off by heart and reads to me.

  6. A wonderful book that will have children trying out their own
    rhyming skills after reading it. Hairy and his naughty mates are on the
    prowl and children will love the wordplay as much as the surprise

  7. My boys love this book. Its not their fav in the Lynley Dodds series. They love the descriptiveness.

  8. My son is about to start school and has just taken a huge liking to
    these books i love listening to him remember all the words and his
    smile and giggles at the wonderful way they ryme these are great books
    for all children.

  9. This is just a real classic, and has a really nice flow to read, and such a great series to own the lot!

  10. Its their favorite from the Lynley Dodd series. I have read it so many times that I know it by heart.

  11. My eldest son (3) adores this book and the series, he has heard it
    enough now that he finishes the sentences for us – and definitely knows
    the names of all the dogs!

    The adventures are fun and the rhymes make them easy to read and remember.

    love it!

  12. These books are great as they encourage the child to remember the
    words of the story with the ryhme. The pictures are great and even
    better it is a New Zealand book.

  13. I love this series. my son won this from the Huggies Club and the story
    is great. He loves to point to the bright pictures and say out loud
    the namees of dogs.

  14. Rocketpower Reply

    My 3 sons love this book.

    Its their favorite from the Lynley Dodd series.

    I have read it so many times that I know it by heart!

    The wording is great, it teaches kids to be descriptive and expressive. I love the pictures.

    This is an all time favorite in my house!!!

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