As children snuggle under their covers, birds tuck their heads under their wings, sheep huddle together in a warm blanket of wool, and even boats and trucks are quiet. Originally published in 1943, this Caldecott Honor book has had its illustrations restored to the original colors of the first edition.

Publisher Marketing:

Night is coming and small things without words are going to sleep . . . sleepy bunnies, sleepy birds, and sleepy children, too, are getting under their covers. “Jean Charlot’s illustrations are first-rate.” — NYT. Barbara Bader called this 1943 book, now restored to its original size and format, “the first of the true bedtime books.”

1944 Caldecott Honor Book


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  1. What a lovely book. Really great story for the kids. Highly recommennd it.

  2. loved the Margaret ‘sbooks , i have got my kids into these books too. They loved this book.

  3. I like to suggle in bed with my kids to read this book. A very nice story for kids

  4. Two generations of our family have used this book at bedtime and
    our current copy is taped together. A soothing, rhythmic book that
    talks about pussycats, kangaroos, wild things in the forest, sailboats
    and engines all getting quiet and sleepy.

  5. When i was given this book i didn’t like to look of the cover. I now
    read this a lot to my toddler, we snuggle together on the bed and love
    reading this great book.

  6. I have seen this at my cousins house and her 2 year old loves this book. Nice story

  7. I think Margaret Wise is a great author . Her books are bright and
    worth reading. As my children snuggle under their covers and i read
    this book they drif of to sleep.

  8. my son loves this book. We snuggle under covers and read it huddled together.

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