Moranifesto is Caitlin Moran’s collection of some of her favourite pieces that she has written, loosely collected into topics “The twenty-first century, where we live,” “The feminisms,” and “The future.”

I’m liking

I love the way that Caitlin Moran can move from serious topics like refugees and prostitution to more frivolous ones such as Benedict Cumberbatch, unhappy tour guides, and drinking too much coffee. If I was asked to name my imaginary dinner party guests for a fascinating evening, she would be at the top of my list. She manages to be serious and have a sense of humour, which is just what I need in today’s world.

Things that made me go hmmmm

The only things I didn’t like were that one or two of the pieces seemed a bit dated or had less substance to them, however considering how many pieces there are in the book, that is a very small complaint.

The conclusion

I would recommend this book to almost anyone (perhaps not my Mum, who thinks “fart” is a rude word, and might have trouble with some of Caitlin’s language). It is funny, uplifting and thought-provoking. It is made up of lots of short pieces, so it is perfect for picking up and putting down, and would suit people who don’t like reading for long or those who would be happy to read several pieces at once.

If you’re not sure, pick up the book and read about the Rainy Jubilee. If that doesn’t make you laugh, maybe it’s not for you!


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