Charlie Bucket thinks he’s the luckiest boy alive when he unwraps one of Willy Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delights to find the last golden ticket. He wins an amazing tour of Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory, along with four other winners. It’s a tour of a lifetime that changes his life beyond belief!

About the Author

Roald Dahl is, quite simply, one of the best-loved children’s book authors of all time. He died in 1990 in Oxford, England, at the age of 74.


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  1. Everyone at least once in their life has to read this all time
    favourite. Also a great couple of movies too. Roald Dahl is a
    brilliant childrens author, so creative and descriptive. Keeps young
    minds imagination flowing.

  2. everybody has or should have read this book! a roald dahl classic.

  3. Roald Dahl was another of my favourite authors when I was a child. This book was one of my favourites.

  4. i have read this book a few times now and have enjoyed the movie as well

  5. I have read this book a few times and so has the rest of my family members. A story that you just get hooked into.

  6. I just love this book i have read it so many times and will love
    reading to my sons when they grow up. Love chocolates and the book

  7. This and all the other Roald Dahl books are my kids favourites.
    This is a great story about mostly selfish greedy kids that get what s
    coming to them.

  8. I love this book its filled with adventure and suspence. Book to read aloud and share with family on rainy days.

  9. I loved this book as a child and watched the two movies out but the book this the best.

  10. everybody has or should have read this book!

    a roald dahl classic, such imagination!

  11. Roald Dahl was always one of my favourite writers as kid! – And we
    have read this book and the sequel, “Charlie and the Great Glass
    Elevator” to our boy. I wish they make that one into a movie one day!

  12. Rocketpower Reply

    I have read the book several times! A wonderful story, I have seen the movies too.

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