Matilda is a brilliant and sensitive child, but her parents think of her only as a nuisance. Even before she is five years old, she has read Dickens and Hemingway and still her parents think of her as a pest. So she decides to get back at them. Her platinum-haired mother and car salesman father are no match for her sharp genius, and neither is the cruel headmistress Miss Trunchbull. And then she child prodigy discovers she has an extraordinary psychic power that can save her school and especially the lovely kindergarten teacher, Miss Honey.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. i love this book. i have read it so many times and still enjoyreading it again.

  2. I have read this book again and again to my children and they enjoy it. movie was not bad either.

  3. My daughter just loves reading this book it was one of her favourites. She likes the movie as well. great story for families.

  4. I jus love this book and so do my family. Its sad how this girl is
    brought up but at the end her wish to be loved by someone comes true.
    Awosome story and just loved it.

  5. My daughter just loves this book and its a shame we can’t get movie
    anywhere. I have read this a few times to my sunday school group on
    rainy days and children love the principal

  6. I like the book better than the movie. My daughter loves the movie
    and Iam sick of it. Why cant she just read this book? Awsome book

  7. this is a great story. The book beats the movie any day. A classic for all children to read at school.

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