It’s time for bed, but Max can’t get comfortable. Toddlers will love to explore everything keeping him awake — from spilled water and itchy cookie crumbs, to a smelly sock under the bed. Will Max ever fall asleep?


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. What a great book. The kids love this book. I am blessed with two
    kids who are really into their books. I love being able toi read to
    them. Our youngest doesn’t understand about books yet but we still read
    to him anyway. I’m sure he’ll be like the older two.

  2. I like to suggle in bed with my kids to read this book. A very nice story for kids

  3. My toddler loves this book and he likes to find things around his bed. I love reading this book to my kids

  4. What a joy of a book! My baby loves feeling the surprises on each
    page from the crumbs in Max’s pockets to the gummy night crawlers on his
    feet! A sweet story with tactile turns on each page. A classic in the

  5. I like reading to my youner one who hates going to bed. He tires to
    find things hidden in his bed which is a barbie doll of his sister.
    Great story

  6. My son likes to find things around bed now after i read this book.
    I guess the story distracts him from going to sleep. Good book though

  7. this story is pretty good, as already said a great bed time book, not to long wither!

  8. good book for bedtime. I have always near the bed so easy to reach and say to my son, It’s time for bed.

  9. It’s time for bed. My toddlers loves this book.
    I read to him a lot as it puts him to sleep.

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