Lonely Planet Kids – Spot the Lot! is a really fun new book that is part search-and-find and part colouring book.

I’m liking

I enjoy colouring it in! I quite like that you have to find the small pictures and you get to tick when you find them in the big picture. It’s good to find as many as you can.

Every page has a theme (like ‘At the theme park’ and ‘By the pool’). So you get to look for things that you would normally see if you were there in real life. For each one you find, you get a certain number of points. Then you can learn to count by adding up how many points you get (an adult might need to help). Colouring in the pictures makes me want to explore these things in real life! Like going on a plane or going camping. I’m going to ask my dad to take me camping.

Some pages are empty, except for a few things like trees, a sun, a tent – and you get to draw what you like around it to make it look like you’re there.

The conclusion

(From Jonah’s mum, Sally): This is a really unique and fun book for the 4-8ish age group. You get to spot each item in the larger image, and calculate your points by finding both easy and difficult items. What makes it a bit challenging is that the picture of what you’re to find looks slightly different to how it appears in the larger scene. There is a blurb describing the scene, so your child can increase their vocabulary on a certain topic in this way. You also get to colour the scene, and sometimes create the scene – so your child is learning in lots of different ways while having fun. There are also some areas of the book that your child can create their own search and find in. This book has literally provided hours of fun in our house – and I am thinking about buying it as a gift for other kids.

This book was kindly provided for review purposes by the publisher.

Lonely Planet Kids: Spot the Lot! is published by Lonely Planet Kids, RRP $19.99.


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