The moving and inspiring story of Alex, a champion swimmer. Alex is swimming to qualify for the Olympic Games. In the past year she has fallen in love and has known what it is to lose – in swimming and in life.
The multi-award-winning story that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of readers.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. I haven’t had much to do with this book but I know my niece and nephew have read it and enjoyed it.

  2. I remember reading this book as in high school lit. A few years
    after high school i actually met Tessa in a conference. Great author.

  3. Alex is a champion swimmer who is qualify for the Olympic Games.
    It teachers you about wanting so much and working so hard to get it.

  4. I remember this book during my intermediate years. We had to do a
    book study about it. I really liked the story about swimming. its
    about having a dream and making sure you achiveve it. Great book for
    young minds.

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